Windfall Profits

We had the best time tonight with our visitors!  Sarah, Ann, Kerri, and Matt came over to goof off and catch up on old times.  Angie and I were youth workers at church with Sarah, Ann, and Kerri, back in the early part of this decade.  The “aughts”, as I like to call them.  As in, “aught-three”, which would mean 2003.

We had taken two mission trips together.  2001 to Honduras and 2003 to Ciudad Juarez.  It is impossible to describe how bonding those two trips were and still are to me, to Angie, and to all of us.  Just how bonding is more clear than ever after we spent time together tonight.  We laughed non-stop from 7ish to after 10. I’ll tell you more another time.

Anyway – when I ask myself, “Did we waste our years working in youth ministry?”, I can add this night’s gathering to the loudness of my “NO”.  Now THAT is a good kind of humble.  THAT is a good kind of love.

pretty cool.

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