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Geographical Amendments

Over a year has passed since I had the heart to visit this blog, the place where I would do more than journal, more than catalog, more than recount what’s important in my life.

We’ve moved far enough in our world that the landscape LOOKS different.  When you hike somewhere without a trail, it is wise to turn around and look backwards from time to time.  Otherwise, the trip back turns into getting lost, rather than retracing steps.  One side of a mountain pass looks way different from the other side, is all I’m saying.

We are out of youth ministry.  We’ve left our church of 14 years.  We’ve found joy, peace, solace, understanding, acceptance with a new set of friends.  Not like we’ve given up on all our existing friends, but some new ones have risen in our awareness, while others have faded into “used to be”.  It’s ok. Some days it’s a huge deal, others it feels good to travel light.

A new day.  A new map.  A new hilltop to stand on to look at where we are.