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Saturday morning

Three things, all for filing under the Life is both hilarious and tragic, almost at the same time.  Many times we have had to stop doing the ‘life-changing stuff’ (My dad has concer, for instance) to take care of the mundane (I need lunch money, for instance).  The cool part of this is that we CAN shift gears back and forth – that is what makes life so fascinating!

The first thing – hilarious.  The Wichita Eagle (11/15/08, page 6A) had a blurb from Hormel about how popular Spam is now that economic times are tougher.  Apparently Spam is a great buy, when money is tight.  Spam is vacuum-sealed in a can and does not require refrigeration, and can last for many years.  Because of those qualities, Here is what Hormel said, “it’s like meat with a pause button.” 

I never knew you could PAUSE MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second – tragic.  Also from the Eagle (11/15/08 news in brief) 3 high school students drowned in Illinois when they snuck out at night to take paddle boats out on the lake.  The camp management had already removed the floor plugs to winterize the boats.  They were on the last day of an 8 day leadership camping retreat.

I think about how quickly the normal can turn tragic for all of us, but especially us parents.  All the stuff our kids go and do and come home safely from, but that the potential for disaster is always there.  Talk about releasing our worries to God!

Lastly,  Krispy Kreme with my daughter this morning.  What a great day!  She ordered a plain, a chocolate glazed, and a ‘fall’ sprinkles.  Since I was there ANYWAY, I got a bold coffee (she made a fresh pot, after I whined that it wasn’t hot enough) and, uh, well, uh, ok TWO really tiny donuts – sour cream and pumpkin spice.  If it helps any, I didn’t really enjoy the sour cream one.