Shall We Gather At The River

No hymn causes my eyes to sting with tears faster than this old classic.  My Aunt Kathy sang it once for a recording, don’t remember where, and whenever I even see those words in print I hear her voice lining those words.  Moving water hypnotizes me, and water that flows right by where God sits (“that flows by the Throne of God”) brings bright hope to even the most dreary of days.

Music, in one phrase, can remove the dry wood surrounding my heart and replace it with living, vibrant, hopeful spirit.  It readies me to face the day and raise my chin with assurance.

One thought on “Shall We Gather At The River

  1. She sings it on the video of Grandma and Grandpa Locke’s 50th wedding anniversary. It moves me to tears too. Do you have a copy of that?


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