Goodbye gym shorts

I’m not sure when I started wearing gym shorts everyday. I’ll just say this; it’s a big deal when I put on my ‘dress’ shorts, or even – I’m pretty sure this happened – an actual pair of jeans. You know, to go to the grocery store, or the car wash, or an outdoor coffee meeting, or – that one time – to buy a tortilla press ($22 at Carniceria El Guero on W. Central).

I’ve committed to an actual job for the entire rest of the year. I’m pretty sure part of that job is to get dressed in something better than gym shorts. I’m ready, though, because it takes sacrifice and willpower and determination and grit to make the tough decisions. I’ve ironed my shirts and have my shoes ready and am (probably) going to fit into my khaki and dress pants just fine.

Goodbye, Husker gym shorts… we had a good run.

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