We Have Room For 3 – #refugeeswelcome

Could someone please put me in touch with whomever is coordinating the Syrian refugee invitations to stay in the US?  We have room for 3. 

800,000 refugees – my brain simply cannot make sense of how many people that is. Almost three times the population of Wichita. 32 times the size of my hometown Hastings, NE. That’s a LOT of people. 

Also, have you looked at a map of the walking journey most of these people have taken to get OUT of Syria and INTO Europe proper?? It’s a really long way, and it is already muddy, cold, and not always friendly. The kind of unfriendly that, even IF you had money left (and hadn’t spent it bribing your way not a bus or train or across a quickly-closing border), people didn’t want to sell you water. Or food. 

I am sure that not every single one of those refugees is a cheery, pure-hearted person determined to make MY life better by coming to America to pursue a dream, or at the very least, take up residence in a building that has NO chance of blowing up in the next few weeks. 

I am also sure I will be inconvenienced more than once by offering 3 of them a place to stay and food to eat and a piece of clothing or two. 

But, geez, I know it’s the right thing to do. So that is our offer. Room for 3 – and we’ll work out the details as we go. 

Also, does anyone have Rosetta Stone for Arabic (Arabic, right?)?  If so, loan it to me for a while. We might need it. 


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