Who’s right?

See?  My problem is, when trying to figure out who has the “right” interpretation, is that EVERYBODY’S heart is in the right place.

If I go into a discussion trying to gather knowledge or understand a differing viewpoint better, I usually trust that the person I’m talking with is “arguing in good faith”.  That is, genuinely trying to exchange ideas and not just trying to score points or barrage me with facts or overwhelm me with data.  I don’t do a ton of research on ANYthing, so it’s easy to just throw facts at me to get me off-topic.

That’s ok; I still think the person is coming from a place of sincerity in his or her position.

The PROBLEM is – what if we totally disagree????

What if we are on totally the opposite sides of an argument?  How can there be no right and wrong?  I can see that this happens politically all the time.  But it happens SPIRITUALLY, too.  How can 2 English-speaking believers in Jesus Christ read the Bible and come to 2 different conclusions about any given topic?

And, just to be mildly controversial, here are a few things I’m most confused about:

1.  Are Muslims going to infiltrate the USA and ruin it? Or are they going to move to the USA, worship as they please, and live in peace with me?

2.  Can we afford 4 more years of President Obama’s financial system? Or are we going to go bankrupt? Who do we blame for racking up all this national debt anyway?  Why do people on either side point fingers at the OTHER side?

3.  Gay marriage – what’s the big deal?  It doesn’t affect the strength of MY marriage at all.  Everyone should have a chance to love someone.

So, since MY heart is in the right place, and I try to be discerning about what God wants from me on His behalf, I ask you…

How do I tell?

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