Pearls are always meant for somebody.

If we aren’t supposed to throw our pearls before swine, then who ARE we supposed to throw them to?

We can’t just keep the pearls to ourselves, because how does that benefit the kingdom?

On the other hand, there comes a point when we just shouldn’t bother to get through to people.  You know, when you keep trying to explain what you are talking about, and you get the same stare back?  The one that says, “I hope he finishes soon, because I want to go do something else – how soon can I split?”.

What I love about God is how easily he can stir our hearts to Him.  How quickly we can go from comfortable to agitated, all because He needs us to do something for Him.  Like go talk to a friend we just walked by and ignored.  Like call someone who we got a sudden thought about.  Like ‘facebook’ a friend who we haven’t checked on in a while.  That stuff, those feelings, are from God!  The Holy Spirit part of God that needs us to be aware of our people and make sure that they are ok!

This story I love.  Last Wednesday at the high school service our new leader, Scott, sensed the tension and agitation in the room.  He changed the whole service around to be obedient to God’s nudge.  At the end, the pastor made time for those kids who were hurting, or lost, or confused, or upset, or dead inside, or angry, or all of those things to just come up and be bathed in prayer.  So MANY kids needed to feel God that night!  I praise God for being there!  God softened hearts by the handful that night, and we got to be there to see it.

I love God’s grace that lets me stumble into His presence even when I am not paying attention.

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