That’s My Boy!

Today is my son’s birthday!  JB is 17 years old; we watched him drive off to school this morning, basically an adult.

He was born on a Monday morning in Santa Maria, California.  Angie said, around 7 am, “You’d better not go to work today”.  By 8:30, we’d left for the birth care center, (doctor’s name Tad something), and he was in our arms by 12:30.  Just past lunch, and Angie had a friend bring Burger King – which she was eating by 1:30.

Jake hated his first bath.  His favorite way to take his nap was in our arms.  He didn’t like to be alone in his crib, and he liked the slanted way he rested while we held him. 

I loved him from the moment I saw him.  Still do.

Happy birthday, JBL!

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