Are We Glad?

Two girls showed up Sunday morning around Sunday School time. They’d been drinking until 530 that morning. The scary thing is they felt like it was ok, they ‘deserved it’ and wanted to do something to ‘feel good’.

Yes, I am glad they were there. I got to talk to them. But how to save them from themselves?

2 thoughts on “Are We Glad?

  1. We love them. We love them until they learn to truly love themselves. We show them they are worth so much more until they believe it to. We pray continuously and we leave them in God’s hands. But we never give up. We thank God that He got us up that morning and gave us the opportunity to be a part of His work. We continue to keep out eyes & hearts open for those who were hurting. And we believe that they came for a reason, they might have felt like it was ‘ok’, but they still walked in our doors looking for something more.


  2. I love your whole-hearted commitment and agree with it all the way. thanks for reading my thoughts…


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