What students want!

Another Wednesday night.  If you get a chance, talk to kids/teens/students outside of the formal meeting room – they are ‘real’ and unguarded.  There is a great chance at sneaking in a relationship with them before they even notice that an adult is talking to them.  Go ahead, be sneaky.  (Although it is funny to see them try to hide the cigarettes.  Like we can’t SMELL?)

In the meeting room, we talked about commandment 10, which is the one about coveting.  As an intro, we asked them to tell us “what object or thing they wanted that a friend or another person had”.

Here is what was on their minds last night:

  • I want my friend’s ‘itouch’ (next generation ipod which can convert into a phone/internet thing)
  • I want a PS3
  • I want a new phone
  • I want a lot of money
  • several girls wanted one girl’s boots

Pretty tame stuff.  Then, after we went around the room, almost all of them wanted to change their answers.  It is so easy to WANT MORE, and this 10 minute exercise with them was a graphic example. 

Now they wanted these things:

  • the ENTIRE Sony electronic library
  • a bigger bank account
  • I want Isabella’s LIFE (from the Twilight series – better read it, cuz it has lots of traction)

What was cool (and a little scary) was how quickly the greed grew. Reminded me of ME.

Our small group time, me and 4 guys, we mostly spent telling stories about bloody accidents that happened to us.  Yeah, I know, but I couldn’t get them to talk about anything else!  Hunting accidents, stitches, split foreheads…  wow.

And that is the lure of the kids; sublime, raw souls tempered with the hilarious!

One thought on “What students want!

  1. Honey, that is so funny about the bloody convo.
    Sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you.
    (pun intended). Keep writing, I love it!!



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