I realized, while walking my daughter to the bus stop, that I should talk as little as possible in the morning until after I’ve finished my first mug of coffee.  Seriously, I don’t make very intelligble sentences.  It is a feeling like, ‘wow, I used to be able to speak this language, but I’ve forgotten it all overnight’.  That first mug, while brewing is still happening – black gold.  That’s all there is to it.  Can I get an ‘amen’?

5 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. Hey, I found the right place. Honestly I think you got that “fuzzy headed feeling before coffee” honestly. Amen!


  2. This is my first blog reading also and appropriately it has to do with coffee. I can see that blogging will sharpen your writing skills. Best – – – Dad


  3. I hear ya! I totally agree. That first brew is just the key to getting your brain lodged back into your cranium and connecting all the little wires that make it work.


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