Behind The Waterfalls – A Novel

Definitely a Work-In-Progress, this is my first full effort at finishing a novel. Although I’ve finished the first draft (thanks, NaNoWriMo 2016!), I need to basically re-tool the entire thing to take out the ‘alien’ element. It just doesn’t work; I’ll try a sinister government power plot in its place. Stay tuned for further progress.



“Mantener a los demas” is the phrase that Rowena comes across in a land purchase contract that, once translated, indicates a need for buildings that can hold people as hostages or slaves or livestock. She and her mother go back to the family farm in the heart of the Flint Hills of Kansas to investigate, unwittingly avoiding a wholesale police action roundup of the citizenry.


Dane and Claire, at a neighborhood cookout, notice neighbors saying odd things. They come home with their daughter, Jasmine, who sickens and dies within days of the cookout. A neighbor, in a robotic voice, apologizes for the ‘dosage error’ that killed Jasmine. Gina, who works with Dane, loses her husband to the same illness, although all she knows at the time is that he is missing. The 3 of them compare notes and realize the ‘required serum inoculations’ are killing people – what they do next will determine whether they live or die.


Rowena, along with several others,  thwart the invading alien force that need elemental carbon, harvested from people, to continue their existence in the Betelgeuse star system. The question is, will the resistance be enough to stop the first wave of attacks? Or will the home planet bring it’s full malevolent force to bear on the human race, trapped on Earth?

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